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Breathe in, breathe out. Ah. Feel relaxed in your shower with our handmade shower steamers. A tropical aroma will fill the air with our Dreamcicle shower steamer.  Bursts of fresh oranges with small drips of pineapple will fill the air.

Fifteen pieces are in each jar.

Directions: Place 1-3 steamers on the edge of your shower water stream. Do not place directly in the water flow.  Steamers work best when water slightly touches them.

Warning: Do not eat. Do not place directly on your skin.  This product has a lot of essential oil in it.  The steamer is intended to be stronger in scent than soap, or lotion. If the scent is too strong, use one less steamer at a time.  If an irritation occurs, discontinue use. Color may change due to air exposure, heat or cold. This is normal and will not change the effects of the steamer.


Ingredients: Organic citric acid, baking soda, cornstarch, organic essential oils, water, and coloring. 


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